Who Is Nnapples TikTok Aka Natalie Rose? Age, Job – Meet Her On Instagram

Who is Knapples aka Natalie Rose on TikTok? The Tiktoker has found a new and interesting way to keep her followers engaged apart from the usual dance and prank videos.

TikTok has made many people viral with their unique acts, but Natalie has found a different way to make her popular on the app. Her videos became a topic of interest for many users whose work is to guess her profession, which she kept a secret.

Who Is Nnapples AKA Natalie Rose On Tiktok?

Nnapples, AKA Natalie Rose, has become a TitkTok star after postings a series of videos where her followers guess her profession, and she replies to them most funnily.

It actually started with one of her videos when she posted a TikTok video in a hospital. Then somebody commented that she should be doing her job instead of making videos.

However, the content creator stated that she is not a medical professional in a hilarious way, and then people started guessing what she does for a living. Natalie even gave funny responses to their guesses by posting a video dressed up like what her followers had previously guessed.

Till now, she has presented herself as a hairdresser, fisherman, swing dancer, and even a baseball player for Hops.

Natalie Rose Age: How Old Is She?

Natalie is currently 25 years of age.

She was born on August 26, 1996. Rose has not revealed furthermore about herself, but she seems to like having fun gaining recognition on the internet.

Natalie Rose Job

Natalie Rose’s job is what has made her a sensation among TikTokers.

Even if she hasn’t revealed her job yet, she is able to make money with the help of the fame she got from her TikTok videos.

Nnapples has already amassed 2 million followers on her TikTok, which is a significant number of followers to have in a short time.

Her videos also always get over a million views which means people find her videos fun and refreshing to watch. The TikToker must really be earning well by being a content creator and keeping her viewers engaged.

Meet She On Instagram

Natalie Rose is on Instagram as @nnapples_.

She has over 36 thousand followers on her IG page. The social media sensation is seen posting snaps from when she has to go places for her TikTok content.

Rose seems like a person who likes to go out and capture memories while having fun with her loved ones.