Where Is Daffney Unger Now? Instagram Suicide Talk – What Happened To Her?

Where Is Daffney Unger Now? She has been concerned about the wrestling associations and her fans recently after her Instagram live where she talked about committing suicide.

Shannon Claire Spruill is a professional American-based wrestler and valet better known by her ring name Daffney Unger.

She is best known for her appearances in World Championship Wrestling from 1999 to 2001 and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling from 2008 to 2011.

On May 8, 2000, Vince Russo named Daffney to fight Miss Elizabeth in Miss Elizabeth’s first wrestling match.

Where Is Daffney Unger Now?

Daffney has now been disappeared from the media after her Insta live.

Daffney looked incredibly upset during a live broadcast today, and a lot of people are concerned.

She cried and talked about suicide. Now the world of professional wrestling is thinking of her as many ask anyone who comes in contact with her to come forward.

Professional wrestler Mick Foley also tweeted to ask anyone who can contact Daffney, “If someone has a way to contact Daffney Unger or knows her address, please help.”

She is probably in a bad personal position and is at risk of harming herself to voicemail.

Daffney Unger Instagram Suicide Talk

Daffney Unger was recently seen on Instagram live talking about suicide.

Many people are excited when their idol is seen on Instagram live, but in this case, it left the whole wrestling association and her fans in despair.

Twitter users ask each other to spread Daffney because the emergency services are already on their way to their apartment.

Many of them pointed out in the video that Daffney appears to have a mental disorder.

People appeared on the platform to light up her latest Instagram live video in which she talked about suicide, crying, notes in hand.

Since users of social networks did not know his exact whereabouts, they asked the ambulance service, or an ambulance was sent to his home.

More and more people are using Twitter to support Daffney in hopes that she’ll be fine after watching the disturbing live video.

What Happened To Her?

We exactly don’t know what happened to Daffney Unger.

We hope Daffney is safe and sound. She seems to be walking through a very dark place right now, but she can get through it with the help of the community.

There are sure to be enough people worried about her well-being right now. We hope for the best, and our thoughts go with Daffney.