Was Ducky P Killed In Dallas? Is He Shot Dead? Real Name, Age And Net Worth

Dallas Rapper Ducky P was allegedly killed in his car today. IFind out what happened.

Ducky was an emerging rapper from Dallas, Texas. He was best known for his songs No Matter What I Do and Burry Me. 

According to police reports, his body was discovered lifeless in his car by the Dallas Police.

Was Ducky P Killed In Dallas?

Ducky P was killed on September 1, 2021. The rapper was shot dead.

The news of his death was confirmed by Twitter users such as

@sperryspringerr and @Bee4theclout.

Fans took to Twitter to share their condolences and grief towards the passing away of the rapper.

@TZY214 shared a short clip of his interview with the rapper with the caption, “One of the first artists to let me get an interview. Had me outside Motown at 1 am in the Cliff. Damn man. RIP Ducky P”.

Ducky P Cause Of Death: Was He Shot Dead?

Duck P died due to gunshot wounds.

The rapper was allegedly shot in his own hometown, and he died at the scene.

Dallas Police are yet to release a statement regarding the incident as the investigation is ongoing.

As of now, the rapper’s killer has not been identified.

Ducky P Real Name

Ducky P’s real name is unknown.

The Florida-based rapper is best known by his stage name while he was also referred to as Bornpaid Ducky P.

He went by the username @bornpaid_duckyp on Instagram.

Followed by 15.7k people, the rapper made a post several hours before his death.

The last post on Instagram was a picture with a black background and the text “If You Missed It Go Fw My Last Post,” followed by a laughing emoji.

Ducky P Age: How Old Was The Dallas Rapper?

Ducky P’s actual age is unavailable as his date of birth is unknown.

Based on the pictures and videos available online, rapper’s age is estimated to be around 25 years.

His Net Worth 2021

P was a fairly underground rapper. Hence, his net worth is yet to be disclosed.

Nevertheless, he might have made considerable earnings from his music career.