Mets Acting GM Zack Scott Is Facing DUI Charges: Find His Salary And Wife Details

Mets acting GM Zack Scott and his wife are the parents of a couple of kids. The Scott Family must be in distress following the arrest of Zack for DUI by the police in New York.

Scott was attending a fundraiser at team owner Steve Cohen’s house hours before being arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Zack has made a mess for himself due to his carelessness that could cost him his career. He was recently appointed as an acting general manager in January 2021 after the former GM Jared Porter was fired for sending explicit messages and images to a female reporter back in 2016.

Zack Scott Wife

Zack Scott is married to his wife, Molly Scott.

The couple is parents to two children, a nine-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son. Scott’s family resides in Boston, whereas the Mets acting GM has to stay in New York for his work.

Zack’s wife Molly thought they would make the long-distance relationship work out when he joined the Mets. But after being appointed with a new position, his responsibilities also increased, and it was difficult to be back and forth for his family from New York to Boston.

Zack Scott Wikipedia

Zack has his own Wikipedia page that lists his career.

He earned his BS degree in Mathematics from the University of Vermont in 1999. Scott then became a part of the Boston Red Sox, where he worked for almost two decades. He worked alongside Jack Porter and Chicago Cubs boss Theo Epstein when he was in Boston.

Zack and Porter were then called to New York to look after the Mets by Steve Cohen, who has gained full team ownership. The baseball executive was then appointed as an acting GM after Porter was fired for his indecent behavior towards a female reporter.

Zack Scott Age: How Old Is He?

Zack Scott is currently 44 years old.

He has spent almost half of his life working for the Major Baseball League clubs. Scott is very good with maths and numbers, which has made him a correct person for evaluating the games and players.

What Is His Salary And Net Worth?

Zack has not disclosed his salary and net worth in public.

The Mets owner had picked him to join their team, so he might have been offered a hefty salary that would significantly increase his net worth.

Steve Cohen had bought the baseball club for $2.4 billion and wanted new members to manage his team, which the Wilpon family previously controlled.

Why Was He Arrested?

Zack Scott was arrested around 4:15 am on Tuesday in Suburban White Plains, New York, driving while intoxicated.

The police found him asleep in his vehicle at the traffic light and found that he was very much drunk. The baseball executive initially refused to take a breathalyzer test, and then he has taken into custody.

Although he was released from the police’s custody, Scott has been restricted by his team for their recent season and will be looking more into the situation to take further action.