Is Kabi WaJesus Married? Wife And Biography Explored

Kabi WaJesus biography is not much public but he has piqued the headlines through the recent scandal. What Happened? See The Details Below.

Kabi is an influencer and gospel singer. He is a famous YouTuber with more than 395k subscribers on YouTube and 683k followers on Instagram.

Kabi Wa Jesus Wikipedia And Net Worth

Kabi WaJesus has an estimated net worth of $62.8K.

The WaJesus family lives a lavish life and owns a beautiful house.

Kabi and his family are well known in Kenya.

Going through Instagram, you can get a rough idea of the riches they enjoy.

Does Kabi Have A Wife? Is He Married?

Kabi WaJesus’ wife is Milly Kabi.

The duo is sensational on the internet due to their magnificent chemistry.

The couple has been together for more than a decade. They started dating in 2014.

AFter Kabi proposed on live TV, the two had a traditional ruacio followed by a lavish wedding ceremony in December.

They had their first baby named Reign Taji Kaby a few later after announcing pregnancy on a YouTube video.

Kabi Scandal: Siring His Cousin And Denying It

YouTuber Kabi was a part of a scandal and recently apologized for being a deadbeat father.

The news of the scandal caught heat in the media.

Kabi was accused of abandoning a woman after having a child with her.

He denied the allegations for months. The matter was taken to court.

After a paternity test, it was verified that the baby was indeed Kabi’s.

He later clarified that the baby’s mother was his cousin.

The baby’s name is Abby, and now Kabi is dedicated to the welfare of the mother and the child.

Kabi’s story is particularly a cause of alarm for going against the norms to impregnate a cousin.

Kabi WaJesus Biography And Age

Kabi WaJesus’ real name is Peter Kabi.

Born in Kayole, Nairobi, Kabi is of Kenyan nationality.

He belongs to the Kikuyu tribe ethnicity.

WaJesus’s age is 30 years old.

The influencer was born in 1990, and his birthday lies on October 3 every year.

He studied at Kenyatta University.

Details regarding his parents and family are currently unavailable.

The gospel singer gained popularity after the song Thitima.

Soon after, he became a YouTuber and started going videos alongside his wife, Milly.